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Births: Henry Stubbs, physician and author, 1632; Sir John Tenniel, artist and illustrator, 1820; Charles Blondin (Jean-Francois Gravelet), tight-rope walker, 1824; Douglas McGarel Hogg, first Viscount Hailsham, Lord Chancellor, 1872; Vicente Minelli, film director, 1913; Sir Peter Brian Medawar, immunologist, 1915.

Deaths: Henry James, novelist, 1916; Eugene Arnold Dolmetsch, early music enthusiast, 1940; Rajendra Prasad, first President of the Republic of India, 1963; Ruby Ethel Keeler, actress, singer and dancer, 1993.

On this day: John Wesley signed the 'deed of declaration', 1784; a general election in Britain resulted in no overall majority, 1974; a London underground train crashed at Moorgate and 42 people were killed, 1975.

Today is the Feast Day of The Martyrs of the Plague at Alexandria, St Hilarus, pope, St Lupicinus, St Oswald of Worcester, St Proterius and St Romanus.