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Births: Franz Peter Schubert, composer, 1797; Anna Pavlova, dancer, 1882; Tallulah Brockman Bankhead, actress, 1903.

Deaths: Guy Fawkes, and the other conspirators, executed 1606; Alan Alexander Milne, author, 1956.

On this day: Sir Robert Peel repealed the Corn Laws, 1846; Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein), was expelled from the Soviet Union, 1929; Apollo 14 was launched from Cape Kennedy, 1971.

Today is the Feast Day of St Adamnan of Coldingham, St Aidan or Maedoc of Ferns, Saints Cyrus and John of Alexandria, St Eusebius of St Gall, St Francis Xavier Bianchi, St John Bosco, St Marcella of Rome, St Nicetas of Novgorod and St Ulphia.