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Births: John Campbell, military historian, 1708; John Fothergill, physician, 1712; Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, composer, 1714; Richard Howe, first Earl Howe, admiral, 1726; William Roscoe, historian, 1753; John Charles Felix Rossi, sculptor, 1762; Karl Ferdinand von Graefe, pioneer in plastic surgery, 1787; Sir William Hamilton, metaphysicist, 1788; Johann Friedrich Bellermann, writer on music, 1795; Jean Delphin Alard, violinist and composer, 1815; Franco Faccio, conductor and composer, 1840; Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr, judge (son of the poet and essayist), 1841; Ruggiero Leoncavallo, composer, 1858; Kenneth Grahame, author, 1859; Frederic William Goudy, printer and typographer, 1865; Otto Hahn, physicist and chemist, 1879; Leonard Alfred George Strong, novelist, poet and playwright, 1896.

Deaths: Francesco Sforza, soldier, 1466; William III, King, 1702; Sir William Chambers, architect, 1796; Francis Egerton, third Duke of Bridgewater, canal pioneer, 1803; Sawrey Gilpin, animal painter, 1807; Louis-Hector Berlioz, composer, 1869; Millard Fillmore, 13th US president, 1874; Benno Adam, animal painter, 1892; Count Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich von Zeppelin, soldier and inventor, 1917; Eduardo Dato Iradier, Spanish prime minister, assassinated 1921; Daniel Ridgway Knight, artist, 1924; William Howard Taft, 27th US President, 1930; Sherwood Anderson, author, 1941; Othmar Schoeck, composer and conductor, 1957; Sir Thomas Beecham Bt, conductor, 1961; Richard Austen Butler, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden, statesman, 1982; Alan Tindal Lennox-Boyd, first Viscount Boyd, statesman, accidentally killed 1983; Sir William Turner Walton, composer, 1983; Ralph Mcallister Ingersoll, publisher, author and journalist, 1985.

On this day: Queen Anne acceded to the British throne, 1702; the British Army captured Aboukir, 1801; the Confederate ironclad Virginia (formerly the Merrimac) sank the USS Cumberland during the Battle of Hampton Roads, 1862; work began on the Amsterdam-North Sea Canal, 1865; the 'February' Revolution (Old Style date) began in Russia at Petrograd, 1917; President Woodrow Wilson ordered the arming of US merchant ships, 1917; in Russia, Leon Trotsky resigned the post of foreign minister, 1918; French troops occupied the Ruhr after Germany failed to pay reparations, 1921; Mahatma Gandhi started a civil disobedience campaign in India, 1930; the Soviet Union claimed to be the possessor of the atomic bomb, 1950; the first London production of the musical show Kiss Me, Kate was presented, 1945; the United States landed 3,500 marines in South Vietnam, 1965; in Dublin, the Nelson Column was destroyed by an IRA bomb, 1966.

Today is the Feast Day of St Duthac, St Felix of Dunwich, St Humphrey or Hunfrid, St John of God, St Julian of Toledo, Saints Philemon and Apollonius, St Pontius of Carthage, St Senan of Scattery, St Stephen of Obazine and St Veremund.