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Births: Charles, Duc d'Orleans, poet, 1391; Philippe de Champaignegne, painter, 1602; Sir Harry Vane, statesman, 1613; John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, military commander, 1650; Pierre Gavinies, violinist and composer, 1728; Al Jolson (Asa Yoelson), singer and entertainer, 1886; John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison), actor, 1907; Robert Morley, actor and playwright, 1908; Sir Matt (Matthew) Busby, football manager and president, 1909.

Deaths: St Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury, 604; Samuel Pepys, diarist, 1703; Jacques Laffitte, banker and politician, 1844; Sir Edward Sabine, astronomer, 1883; Jean- Joseph Benjamin Constant, painter, 1902; George Brent (George Brendan Nolan), actor, 1979.

On this day: King Charles II landed at Dover, 1660; Napoleon Buonaparte was crowned King of Italy in Milan Cathedral, 1805; in the United States, President Johnson proclaimed an amnesty to all Confederate States, 1865; Mount Etna in Sicily started a series of violent eruptions, 1870; Emily Duncan, the first woman magistrate in Britain, was appointed a Justice of the Peace, 1913; in South Africa, a Nationalist government was elected with apartheid policies, 1948.

Today is the Feast Day of St Dyfan, St Lambert of Venice, St Mariana of Quito, St Philip Neri, St Priscus or Prix of Auxerre and St Quadratus of Athens.