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Births: Antoninus Pius, Roman emperor, 86; George Cadbury, chocolate manufacturer and social reformer, 1839; Arthur Rackham, illustrator, 1867; Sir William Gerald Golding, novelist and Nobel prizewinner, 1911.

Deaths: Meyer Amschel Rothschild, banker, 1812; Thomas John Barnardo, physician and philanthropist, 1905; Sir Roy Kinnear, actor and comedian, 1988.

On this day: Melville Reuben Bissell, inventor, patented the first carpet- sweeper, 1876; William Joyce, 'Lord Haw-Haw', was sentenced to be hanged, 1945; two severe earthquakes hit Mexico City, killing more than 4,200 people, 1985.

Today is the Feast Day of St Emily de Rodat, St Goericus or Abbo, St Januarius of Benevento, St Mary of Cerevellon, St Peleus and his Companions, St Sequanus or Seine, St Susanna of Eleutheropolis and St Theodore of Canterbury.

Queen's Counsel

The Lord Chancellor invites applications for appointment as Queen's Counsel from barristers in private practice of at least 10 years' standing. Application forms, together with notes for guidance for applicants, can be obtained from David Stobie, Lord Chancellor's Department, Room 6:33, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT, telephone 071-210 1607 / 1714. Forms should be completed and returned as soon as possible, and in any event by Monday 17 October 1994. Applications received after 12 noon that day cannot be considered.

Battle of Britain thanksgiving service

The Queen was represented by Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Wilson at the Battle of Britain Service of Thanksgiving and Rededication held yesterday in Westminster Abbey. The Prince of Wales was represented by Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns. The Dean of Westminster, The Very Rev Michael Mayne, officiated, assisted by the Rev Paul Ferguson, Precentor. The Sermon was preached by The Rev ATR Goode (RAF) and the Lessons read by Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon, Chief of the Air Staff, and Flight Lt RJ Hoskison (RAF Leeming). Among those present were:

Miss Angela Hooper and Baroness Hooper (Lord Mayor of Westminster and Lady Mayoress); The Hon Nicholas Soames MP (Minister for the Armed Forces, representing HM Government); Dr John Reid MP and Mrs Reid (Shadow Minister, Armed Forces, representing the Labour Party); Lady Graydon; Sir Christopher France (Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defence) and Lady France; Field Marshal Sir Peter Inge (Chief of the Defence Staff) and Lady Inge; General Sir Charles Guthrie (Chief of the General Staff) and Lady Guthrie; Mr JM Stewart (2nd Permanent Under-Secretary, Ministry of Defence) and Mrs Stewart; Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Alcock (Air Member for Logistics) and Lady Alcock; Air Chief Marshal Sir William Wratten (Air Commanding in Chief, Headquarters Strike Command) and Lady Wratten; Air Marshal Sir Roger Austin (Controller, Aircraft RAF) and Lady Austin; Air Vice-Marshal and Mrs PT Squire (Assistant Chief of the Air Staff); Lady Wilson; Lady Johns; General George Joulwan (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) and Mrs Joulwan.

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Denis and Lady Spotswood; Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael and Lady Beetham; Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Craig and Lady Craig; Lady Thomson and Miss Clare Thomson; Sir Julian Ridsdale and Dame Patricia Ridsdale; Mr and Mrs James Wellbeloved; Sir Anthony and Lady Kershaw; Lady Pike; Lady Douglas of Kirtleside; Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Lady Foxley- Norris (Chairman, Battle of Britain Fighter Association) and Lady Foxley-Norris; Air Commodore Sir Hector Monro MP (Hon Inspector, General Royal Auxiliary Air Force); Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil and Lady Wheeler; Air Chief Marshal Sir Ruthven Wade; Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Smallwood and Miss Victoria Roberts; Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael and Lady Knight; Air Chief Marshal Sir Patrick and Lady Hine; Air Chief Marshal Sir Thomas and Lady Kennedy; Air Chief Marshal Sir Anthony and Lady Skingsley; Air Chief Marshal Sir Joseph Gilbert (President of the RAFA) and Lady Gilbert; Air Chief Marshal Sir Roger Palin (Controller, Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund) and Lady Palin; Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick and Lady Rosier; Air Chief Marshal Sir John and Lady Barraclough; Air Marshal Sir John and Lady Willis; Air Marshal Sir Timothy and Lady Garden; Lady Dowding; Air Marshal Sir Denis and Lady Crowley-Milling; Air Commandant Dame Felicity Peake; Sir John and Lady Blelloch; Sir Donald and Lady Spiers; Sir Kenneth and Lady MacDonald; Air Vice Marshal A. Heggen (Director Australian War Graves Commission); Sir Peter and Lady Levene; Air Marshal Sir Kenneth Hayr; Air Marshal Sir Harold Maguire; The Hon Richard Newall and Miss Dale Dalzell-Payne; The Right Hon Katherine Andrews and Dr Andrew; Maj-Gen JC Andrus (OC 3rd USAFF) and Mrs Andrus; Mr Robert Bauman; Mr and RH Evans; Mr and Mrs J. Weston; Mr and Mrs M. Marshall; Mr and Mrs A. Curtis; Mr and Mrs MJ Cobham; Air Vice Marshal and Mrs H. Bird-Wilson; Mrs Irene Gillam; Air Commandant Dame Jean Conan-Doyle; Air Commandant BM Ducot-Amos WRAF; Air Vice-Marshal A. Maisner (President, Polish Air Forces Association) and Mrs Maisner; Capt FH Dell (Chairman, Royal Air Force Escaping Society) and Mrs Dell; Sqn Ldr LW Pilgrim (Chairman, Bomber Command Association) and Mrs Pilgrim; Air Commodore JD Hargreaves (Secretary General, Royal Air Forces Association) and Mrs Hargreaves; Mr D. Boon (representing the Chairman of the Aircrew Association) and Mrs Boon; Mr JB Hughes (Secretary, Pathfinder Association) and Mrs Hughes; Wing Cdr NPW Hancock (Secretary, Battle of Britain Fighter Association) and Mrs Hancock; Gp Capt and Mrs Peter Townsend; Mr and Mrs Sydney Dowse.