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Births: Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary, 1368; Pedro Menendez de Aviles, navigator, 1519; Galileo Galilei, astronomer and mathematician, 1564; Michael Praetorius (Schultheiss), composer and musical historian, 1571; Charles Andrew Vanloo, painter, 1705; Jeremy Bentham, philosopher and writer, 1748; Cyrus Hall McCormick, inventor of the mechanical harvester, 1809; Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweller, 1812; Charles Francois Daubigny, landscape painter, 1817; Sir Frederick Treves, physician, 1853; Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, Antarctic explorer, 1874; John Barrymore (Blythe), actor, 1882; Cesar Romero (Caesar Julius Romero), actor, 1907; Graham Hill, racing driver, 1929.

Deaths: Il Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi), painter, 1549; Michael Praetorius (Schultheiss), composer and musical historian, 1621; Jan Swammerdam, entomologist, 1680; Henry Hunt, radical politician, 1835; Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman, 1865; Edward Cardwell, first Viscount Cardwell, statesman, 1886; Lew (Lewis) Wallace, soldier, lawyer, diplomat and author, 1905; Lionel Monckton, composer, 1924; Nat "King" Cole (Nathaniel Adams Coles), singer and musician, 1965; Edgar Parks Snow, journalist, 1972; Ethel Merman (Zimmerman), singer and actress, 1984.

On this day: the Treaty of Hubertusburg was signed by Austria and Prussia, 1763; Kimberley in South Africa was relieved, after being besieged for four months, 1900; the first session of the Permanent Court of International Justice was held at the Hague, 1922; an attempt to assassinate President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Miami failed, but Mayor Anton J. Cermak of Chicago was killed, 1933; Singapore surrendered to the Japanese, 1942; the Monte Cassino monastery in Italy was bombed by Allied aircraft, 1944; British troops reached the Rhine, 1945; Britain changed over to decimal currency, 1971; a violent storm off Newfoundland wrecked an oil rig, killing 84, 1982.

Today is the Feast Day of St Agape of Terni, St Sigfrid of Vaxjo, St Tanco or Tatto and St Walfrid or Galfrid.