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Births: John Wilkes Booth, actor and assassin of Abraham Lincoln, 1838; Fred Astaire, dancer and actor, 1899; David Selznick, film producer, 1902; Monica Dickens, novelist, 1915.

Deaths: Katsushuka Hokusai, artist, 1849; Sir Henry Morton Stanley, journalist and explorer, 1904; Joan Crawford, actress, 1977.

On this day: Mother's Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia, by the suffragist and temperance worker Anna May Jarvis, 1908; busmen in London went on strike, 1937; Winston Churchill began his office as Prime Minister, 1940.

Today is the Feast Day of St Alphius, St Antoninus of Florence, St Calepodius, St Cataldus or Cathal, St Conleth or Conlaed, St Epimarchus, St Gordian, St John of Avila and St Solange.