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TODAY: Births: Edmond Audran, composer, 1840; Bobby Moore, footballer, 1941. Deaths: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd US president, 1945; Josephine Baker, singer, 1975; Joe Louis (Joseph Louis Barrow), heavyweight boxer, 1981. On this day: the Union Jack (Union Flag) was first adopted in England, 1606; the Tatler was first published, 1709; the first manned space flight was made, by the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, 1961. Today is the Feast Day of St Alferius, St Julius I, pope, St Sabas the Goth and Others and St Zeno of Verona.

TOMORROW: Births: Thomas Jefferson, third US president, 1743; Frank Winfield Woolworth, chain-store pioneer, 1852; Marshal of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris, wartime chief of Bomber Command, 1892; John Gerard Braine, novelist, 1922. Deaths: Jean de La Fontaine, poet and writer of fables, 1695; James Buchanan Brady ("Diamond Jim"), financier, 1917. On this day: the Royal Military Academy was established at Woolwich, 1741; the Catholic Emancipation Act was passed in Britain, 1829. Today is the Feast Day of Saints Agathonice, Carpus, and Papylus, St Guinoch, St Hermenegild, St Martin I, pope and St Martius or Mars. Today is also the beginning of the Sikh New Year (Baisakhi Mela).