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TODAY: Births: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet and author, 1772; Alfred Bernhard Nobel, industrialist and founder of the Nobel Prizes, 1833; Leonard Rossiter, actor, 1926. Deaths: Edmund Waller, poet, 1687; Horatio, first Viscount Nelson, admiral, killed at Trafalgar 1805; Jack Kerouac, poet and novelist, 1969; Bob Todd, actor, 1992. On this day: the Franco-Spanish fleet was defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805; Chinese forces occupied Tibet, 1950; the mining disaster at Aberfan, South Wales, occurred, when 140 lives were lost, 1966. Today is the Feast Day of St Condedus, St Fintan or Munnu of Taghmon, St Hilarion, St John of Bridlington, St Malchus and St Tuda.

TOMORROW: Births: Franz Liszt, composer, 1811; Sarah Bernhardt (Henriette-Rosine Bernard), actress, 1844; Lord Alfred Douglas, poet, 1870. Deaths: Thomas Sheraton, cabinetmaker, 1806; Paul Cezanne, painter, 1906; Pablo Casals, cellist, 1973. On this day: the Metropolitan Opera House opened in New York, 1883; Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen was found guilty of the murder of his wife, 1910; President John F. Kennedy announced that the Soviet Union had installed missiles in Cuba, 1962. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St Abercius, St Donatus of Fiesole, St Mellon or Mallonus, Saints Nunilo and Alodia and St Philip of Heraclea and his Companions.