Anniversaries: 8th November 1995

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Births: Edmond Halley, astronomer and mathematician, 1656; (Abraham) Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, 1847; Herbert, first Baron Austin, motor car manufacturer, 1866; Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, 1900. Deaths: John Milton, poet, 1674; Cesar-Auguste Franck, composer, 1890; Victorien Sardou, playwright, 1908; Norman Rockwell, artist and illustrator, 1978. On this day: the Louvre museum, Paris, was opened to the public for the first time, 1793; Wilhelm Rontgen discovered X-rays, 1895; John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected as the 37th US president, the first Roman Catholic and the youngest president to date, 1960. Today is the Feast Day of St Cuby or Cybi, St Deusdedit, the Four Crowned Martyrs, St Godfrey of Amiens, St Tysilio or Suliau and St Willehad.