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TODAY: Births: Etienne de Condillac, philosopher, 1715; Jacques Necker, financier, 1732; Truman Capote, author, 1924; Marc Bolan (Mark Field), singer, songwriter and bandleader, 1947. Deaths: St Jerome, 420; James Brindley, canal engineer, 1772; James Dean, actor, killed 1955; Simone Signoret (Simone Kaminker), actress, 1985. On this day: Mozart's opera The Magic Flute was first performed, Vienna, 1791; the University of Berlin was opened, 1810; the discovery of penicillin was first announced, 1928; identity cards were issued in Britain, 1939; BBC Radio 1 broadcast for the first time, 1967. Today is the Feast Day of St Gregory the Enlightener, St Honorius of Canterbury, St Jerome and St Simon of Crepy.

TOMORROW: Births: Henry III, King, 1207; William Thomas Beckford, author and millionaire, 1759; Annie Besant, social reformer and theosophist, 1847. Deaths: Pierre Corneille, playwright, 1684; Frans Floris (Frans de Vriendt), painter, 1570; Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, painter, 1873. On this day: money orders were first issued in Britain, 1792; the News of the World was first published, 1843; the Midland Railway opened St Pancras Station, 1868; the Watergate trial started, 1974. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St Bavo or Allowin, St Melorus or Mylor, St Remigius or Remi, St Romanus the Melodist and St Therese of Lisieux.



National Gallery: Mari Griffith, "Harvest Fruit (v): Crivelli, The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius", 12pm.

British Museum: Rowena Loverance, "Medieval Jewellery", 1.15pm.


Tate Gallery: Laurence Bradbury, "Other Art: constant alternatives", 2.30pm.

National Portrait Gallery: John K.D. Cooper, "Painters and Decorators of the English Baroque", 3pm.