Ant and Dec interviewed about politics for whatever reason, say they're not sure about Ed Miliband as prime minister

The cheeky-chappy duo set out their stall for the 2015 General Election

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Ant and Dec have become unlikely political pundits. The TV presenters said they're normally Labour supporters, but can't imagine Ed Miliband as PM.

In an interview with The Times, the Britain's Got Talent hosts admitted they'd fallen out of love with the Labour party because of Ed Miliband.

Ant McPartlin said: "I voted Labour all my life but last election I voted Tory because I was thoroughly disillusioned with the Labour government.


"Now I'm thoroughly disillusioned with a coalition government.

"I feel we're both staunchly Labour and would vote Labour if we could, but I don't know what their philosophy is any more."

Declan Donnelly added: "I'm not sure I could picture him [Ed Miliband] as prime minister."

The Conservative Party's press office jumped to reiterate the twosome's opinion:

While plenty of people piled in on Twitter to joke about which one "stood on the left",  Ant and Dec did rank in Debrett's list of 500 most influential people for 2015, so it's possible their views really could make a difference for some people.