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Joy Riders 1, a black-and-white photographic print by Ron Rafaelli, showing the rock star Jimi Hendrix, with girlfriend, while on holiday in Hawaii in 1968. The photograph is part of an exhibition which has toured the world during the last two years. Celebrating the life of Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970), and comprising 170 screenprints, lithographs, original posters and photographs, the exhibition is now being auctioned on Monday 20 December, at Bonhams, in London, in aid of Heart 'n' Soul, a charity involved in theatre and performance for people with learning disabilities.

The auction lots, with estimated prices ranging from pounds 50, include work by photographers and artists including Dezo Hoffman, Jim Marshall, Chuck Boys, Linda McCartney and Gered Mankowitz. Hendrix said of Hawaii: 'Hawaii is the place. I smashed my car up there in a 50mph zone. I got hurt real bad, my face got scratched.' For information about the auction, contact Bonhams, Montpelier Street, London SW7 1HH, telephone 071-584 9161.

Heart 'n' Soul, founded in 1986, has changed from a small workshop into a theatre group of 10 performers with learning disabilities, as well as two musicians who are blind. The performances are mainly self-devised musicals about how they, as outsiders, see the world; the music ranges from soul and ballads to rock. It now offers technical and musical training courses to people with disabilities, so that they can broaden their skills and apply them in the theatre. For further information, contact: Heart 'n' Soul, The Albany, Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG, telephone 081-694 1632.

The Dyslexia Institute, a charity providing information, counselling and training connected to the problems of dyslexia, is running its annual national arts competition, 'As I See It'. Open to all dyslexic people, the 1994 competition has three age groups - 10 years and under; 11-16 years; and 17 years and over - and awards for writing, art, and film and photography. Competitors can choose to interprete their work with one of the three following titles chosen to celebrate the institute's 21st birthday: 'a birthday'; 'key to the door'; or 'I'm special because . . .'. Entries to the 1994 competition must be submitted by Friday 14 January. For further information, contact:

The Dyslexia Institute, 133 Gresham Road, Staines, Middlesex TW18 2AJ, telephone 0784 463851.

The telephone number for Mayflower published in Wednesday's special report on Charities was incorrect; the correct number is 071-476 1171.

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