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The Compassionate Friends, an international organisation of bereaved parents who offer friendship and understanding to other bereaved parents, is holding a national publicity week, 24-30 January, to coincide with the opening of its new headquarters in Bristol. The organisation does not counsel, but listens and supports people of any age who have lost a child, through illness, accident, murder or suicide. Recently bereaved parents are put in contact with a local befriender. Apart from one-to-one listening, parents can attend local group meetings; a quarterly newsletter, various leaflets on bereavement and access to the charity's library are all available. The aim is to provide a lifeline to those who feel isolated by their grief. The organisation needs to raise about pounds 25,000 to finish paying for the new headquarters and its refurbishment. On Friday 29 January it offers an Open Day for members of the public.

The Compassionate Friends, 53 North Street, Bristol BS3 1EN, telephone 0272 665202.