Appeals: Brighter Kensington & Chelsea Scheme

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Brighter Kensington & Chelsea Scheme, a charity based in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and marking the occasion by planting a tree on Tuesday, outside the Chelsea College of Art. The scheme began as a garden competition to celebrate the Queen's coronation; it is still held each summer, and is open to any person or institution in the borough. The BKC Scheme also runs a Kelsae onion- growing competition for primary- school children: over 1,000 onion seedlings and pots are distributed with compost and the schools which grow the three largest onions win prizes. The scheme maintains that the competition encourages children to take responsibility for their environment. In addition the scheme administers flowering hanging baskets, which are mostly sponsored by businesses or housing associations, and would like to extend this activity so that it can fund more of its own.

Brighter Kensington & Chelsea Scheme, 27 Palace Gate, London W8 5LS, telephone 071-584 1234.