Appeals: Dine-a-Mite

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The British Red Cross, Age Concern, the Salvation Army and the Hotel and Catering Benevolent Fund will all benefit from Dine-a- Mite, a national charitable fund-raising campaign inviting people to dine at participating hotels, restaurants and public houses. These establishments have pledged to give half of tomorrow evening's takings to Dine- a-Mite, which will distribute the money among the four named charities, and other smaller charities which help people who are homeless and hungry. In the past local charities have been the recipients. Each project, small or large, will be scrutinised carefully by Dine-a-Mite before anything is given. It is estimated that some 10 per cent of the British population eat out once a week. Anyone planning to have dinner out tomorrow may contact the following telephone numbers for information about participating establishments: for London, 0891 515525; for the rest of Britain, 0839 300200.

The Dine-a-Mite Trust, 2 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TF, telephone 071-404 0110.