Appeals: Elizabeth House Association

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Elizabeth House Association, founded in 1969, helps former drug-users return to normal living. It runs three houses in London, each with six former drug-users, four members of staff and four people who do not have a drug problem, or any other problem, and who work or study in the area. The latter two groups ensure a stable and optimistic environment. Last January, the association opened Rachel House for single parents and children. Recent changes to income support, through the Community Care Act, mean that most people often can only stay at the houses for about three months, although eight months has been the average length of stay in the past. The association needs to raise money to pay for the shortfall and to fund the children, who cost about pounds 5,000 per annum and who, unless deemed 'at risk', receive no help from social services.

Elizabeth House Association, Elizabeth House, 94 Redcliffe Gardens, London SW10 9HH, telephone 071-370 1279. J