Appeals: Friends of Poland

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Friends of Poland, founded 10 years ago, has been taking aid to the ill and needy in Poland since 1982, and, since 1990, to Ukraine and Belorussia. Food, medicines, vitamins, hospital equipment, clothing, toys, and aids for the handicapped are sent to hospitals and homes for handicapped adults and children: there are over 800,000 severely handicapped children in Poland. Leukaemia and cancer of the thyroid are prevalent among children in Ukraine and Belorussia. The charity constantly needs funds, or donations in kind, such as the use of a lorry to journey to Poland and physical help to unload and sort all the items at the charity's warehouse in Kingston upon Thames.

Friends of Poland, St Vincent's, Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1NL, telephone 081-399 3876 or 081-942 0929.