Appeals: Headway Halfway House

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Headway Halfway House, a centre in London offering aftercare to women completing their treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse, is holding a fund-raising fashion show at 2.30pm on Thursday 15 October, at the Roof Gardens, Kensington, London. The afternoon will include a showing of Piero de Monzi's Autumn Collection, tea and raffle prizes. Women from all over the country are referred for secondary care to Headway Halfway House, which was founded in 1988 and supports patients to ensure that they do not relapse into their disease. So far 69 women have been treated - secondary care can last for 26 weeks on average - and 47 per cent have enjoyed continued sobriety while another 18 per cent have recovered after one relapse. The charity is concerned that secondary care for substance abuse is inadequate: there are only five units in the UK for women, who account for 40 per cent of those with drinking problems in the country; 10,000 die each year from alcohol related causes. For tickets, priced pounds 35, and further information, contact:

Donna Scott, Organiser, 1 Baskerville Road, London SW18 3RJ, telephone 081-871 2961.