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LINK (Let's Increase Neurofibromatosis Knowledge) provides information, advice and support to people suffering from Neurofibromatosis, or 'Nf', a disfiguring and disabling disorder of the nerve tissue. It affects some 20,000 people in the UK. 'Nf' can strike any family through spontaneous gene mutation; and anyone suffering from it has a one in two chance of passing the damaged gene on to their children. To help with the problems, stress and shock involved with the disease, LINK has funded two family support counsellors, based in Manchester and Oxford. It now needs to raise pounds 50,000 to start five similar counselling posts in London, Birmingham, Scotland and north-east England. A fund-raising gala concert is being held on Thursday 22 October, at the Westminster Central Methodist Hall; performers include Patricia Rozario, soprano, the Paper Moon Company and the Bogus Blues Brothers. Tickets are available from:

LINK, 120 London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6QJ, telephone 081-547 1636.