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Mr Justice Blofeld, to be Presiding Judge of the South Eastern Circuit from 1 January 1994.

Mr Alfred Brendel, elected an Honorary Master of the Bench of Middle Temple.

Mr J. Michael Edwards QC, Mr R. Fernyhough QC and Miss Linda Sullivan elected Masters of the Bench of Middle Temple.

Mrs Jane Thomson Wood and Mr Alan James Gamble, to be full-time Chairmen of Social Security Appeal Tribunals, Medical Appeal Tribunals, Disability Appeal Tribunals and Child Support Appeal Tribunals.

Mr Michael Dempsey, Mr Brian Mill and Mr Gordon Alexander Anderson, reappointed members of the Council on Tribunals, each for a term of three years.

Mr Michael Patrick Henry Daniel, to be joint district judge for the districts of the Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare County Courts, and in the District Registry of the High Court at Bristol.

Mr Peter Morgan Thomas and Mr Simon Aubrey Rocksborough Smith, to be Circuit Judges, assigned respectively to the Western Circuit and to the South Eastern Circuit.

Mr Peter Harris, to be the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court from 1 August.

Mr Joe Clerk, to be the UN Special Representative for Cyprus.