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Mr Lionel Frank Read QC (reappointed) and Mr Robert Hefin Jones, to be members of the Council on Tribunals.

Mr Neville Henry Lowe, to be Recorder, South Eastern Circuit (District Judge).

Mr Keith Povey, to be chief constable of Leicestershire.

Capt Richard A. Smith RN, to be manager of the Royal College of Physicians.

Mr Geoffrey Harvey Kamil, to be a Circuit Judge, North Eastern Circuit.

Mr James Richard Trist Holt, to be President of the Pensions Appeal Tribunals, on the retirement of Major Michael Henry Fauvelle.

The Hon David Gore-Booth, to be Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr Frank McDermott, to be British High Commissioner to the Republic of Kiribati and additionally HM Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia and HM Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Inner Temple

The following Masters of the Bench of the Inner Temple have been elected:

Mr Jeremy Mirth Sullivan QC; Mr David Herbert Penry-Davey QC; Mr Allan Edward Levy QC.

Gray's Inn

The following Masters of the Bench of Gray's Inn have been elected:

Mr Ronald Jack Walker QC; Mr Robin Potts QC; Mr Roger John Laugharne Thomas QC; Mr John Francis Uff QC. Honorary master: Mr Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed (Chief Justice of Bangladesh).