Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Commodore: PCB Canter - Stonehouse.

Surgeon Commodore: AM Hazell - Gibraltar.

Captain: FG Thompson - MOD London.

Commanders: MJ Bamborough - MOD Bath; G. Bateman - Staff of 2SL/CNH; TC Emms - Staff of 2SL/CNH; J. Hart - exchange Australia; GT Lane - Sultan; KJ Mckenzie - Staff of FOST Portland; IR Parker - MOD Bath; JC Scoles - Staff of 2SL/CNH; RE Williams - Staff of 2SL/CNH.

Retirements: Capt MD Bracelin; Commander JP Bullard; Chaplain GJ Batten.


Brigadiers: APN Currie - to HQ ARRC; RDS Gordon - to be Comd 19 Mech Bde HQ & Sig Sqn; AJ Raper - to HQ ARRC.

Colonels: TMA Daly - to MOD; JMJ Balfour - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AH Clark Para - to be Comd Devon and Cornwall Trg Areas; RJL Fellowes KRH - to be CO Scottish Yeomanry; NP Lloyd RLC - to be CO Sup SVCS RLC HK; JKR Porter RRF - to MOD; P. Richards R Signals - to AA Coll Harrogate; GP Sheldon QLR - to Staff Coll (DS); MS Vine GLOSTERS - to CATC.

Retirement: Col CC Katon Late REME.


Group Captain: JM Walker - to HQ.

Wing Commanders: AD White - to PSO tO CAS MOD AFD; AW Sumner - to Shape INT Staff; MC Strong - to HQ NATS (RAFE); JD Parnaby - to RAF Coll Cranwell; GR Parker - to DADPTC Blandford.