Appointments: Service appointments

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Maj-Gen Michael Stewart Heath, to be Colonel Commandant Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Surgeon Rear-Admiral AL Revell, promoted Surgeon Vice-Admiral and to be Surgeon General.


Brigadiers: IP Inshaw - to be Comdt HQ Bicester Gar and BOD Bicester; DH Coombe - to RAMC Trg Gp and HQ RAMC.

Colonels: AMH Joscelyne - to MOD; H. Bentley-Marchant - to HQ BFHK.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MH Anderson RA - to HQ Landsoutheast (BAE); JE Middleditch AAC - to MOD; PJ Taylorson RLC - to be Comdt Pet Cen Dep HQ; JC Miller RLC - to be CO Cat Sp Regt; J. Sands RS - to Sch of Inf (Warminster) HQ; CG Batty RAMC - to 24 (Airmob) Fd Amb.

Retirement: Brigadier JH Almonds Late R Signals.


Group Captains: JA McLoughlin - to MOD; MAM Kidd - to HQ 1 Gp; SRC Dougherty - to PM RAF Hosp Halton.

Wing Commanders: DJ Hodge - to Euro Plans Brussels; AR Brown - to SO Fighter HQ Aircent; JR Long - to RAF Sigs Eng Estab.