Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadiers: LJR Nash - to RMAS; IN Osborne - to HQ UKLF; ARD Pringle to be Comd HQ 20 Armd Bde.

Colonels: RW Clarke - to be DA/MA Damascus; JS Hendry - to MOD; KAC Watt - 5 Dent Gp.

Lieutenant-Colonels: TM Reeve-Tucker PWRR - to Staff Coll; MC Wilkinson R Signals - to MOD; NTS Williams REME - to be Co 3 Bn REME; CG Dorman RE (SVY) - to MOD.

Retirements: Colonel BJ Foster Late RAMC.


Group Captains: BL Sobey - to MOD; DN Case - to MOD; SM Nicholl - to RCDS 94; DM Niven - to RCDS 94; HG Mackay - to RCDS ;4; SB Burdess - to RCDS 94; MC Rudd - to RCDS 94; DC Couzens - to RCDS 94; DN Adams - to RCDS 94; ODL Delany - to RCDS 94; AJ Burton - to RAF Uxbridge; BR Lee - to MOD; DL Baugh - to SACLANT; G. McClure- Hall - to MOD; VM Hand - to MOD; RH Williams - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: S. Bryant - to D Def Concepts; GRR Porter - to D Air Plans; WJ Kirkpatrick - to MOD DPRS; RI McAlpine - to MOD ACDS or Air; JA Cooke - to RAF Odiham; DJ Wyper - to RAF Laarbruch.