Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Commanders: DP Baudains - Exchange RAF; GF Baxter - Staff of CINCFLEET; D. Ford - Excellent; RE Laverty - MOD London; JW Parker - Dryad; I. Stanley - Staff of FONA; L. Van Beek - Staff of FOSF.

Retirement: Capt RS Langton.


Colonels: MR Townsend - to HQ and Cen Gp RADC; DP Fleming-Jones - to 3 Dent Gp; RS Jeffrey - to 7 Dent Gp; AD Meek - to ITC Wales; EJ Torrens-Spence - to MOD; RK Williams - to be Comd RA Range Hebrides.

Lieutenant-Colonels: B. Barclay RADC - to 3 Dent Gp; HJ Cunningham RADC - to Primary Health and Dent Care Svcs (G); C. Dieppe RAMC - to Primary Health and Dent Care Svcs (G); C. Hannon RAMC - to HQ Catterick Garr; MJ Von Bertele RAMC - to HQ AAC HQ UKLF; JWA Harvey RAMC - to AMS Trg Gp.


Air Commodores: C. Davison - to HQ PTC; PO Sturley - to HQ NATO; BK Burridge - to MOD.

Group Captains: RW Joseph - to RAF Kinloss; MW Ball - to RAF Cottesmore.

Wing Commanders: A. Spearpoint - to HQ PTC; PEC Barlow - to HQ AFNORTHWEST; MF Jordan - to HQ PTC; PJ Drissell - to MOD D Air Plans.