Appointments: Service appointments

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Commodore NR Essenhigh, to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Hydrographer of the Navy and Chief Executive, Hydrographic Office Defence Agency, in succession to Rear Admiral JAL Myres CB in February 1994.



Captain: CM Denes - MOD London.

Colonel: CGH Dunlop - HQRM.

Commanders: RAS Adams - Staff of FOSM Faslane; MB Alabaster - MOD London; GA Antcliffe - Drake; IG Cochrane - Intrepid; CM Cole - Raleigh; CD Craddock - Staff of CINCFLEET; JB Cunnison - MOD Bath; MEL Graves - MOD Portland; RED House - JFOS Wilton; MG Lane - MOD London; RW Mason - MOD Bath; ADH Mathews - MOD Bath; MI Redman - MOD Bath; RM Simmonds - JSDC Greenwich.

Surgeon Commander: RT Jolly - HQRM (in rank of A/Surg Capt).

Chaplain: JK Watson - Raleigh.

Retirements: Capt MA Purvis; Commander BR Coward; Commander MH Rhodes; Commander OP Vaid; Commander RP Waller; Commander MR Garstang.


Air Commodore: TI Jenner - to HQSTC.

Group Captain: RJ Horwood - to CTTO; DJG Wilby - to RAF Finningley.

Wing Commanders: AG Cure - to MOD AFD; CI Roberts - to HQ IIGP Bentley Priory; IDL Shore - MOD AFD; JR Lees - RAF PMC; NG Little - to MOD ACDS (CIS); AE Warnes - to Rafsee; JA Foster - to EWOSE WYTON; PL Kent - to RAF Akrotiri; JI Cane - to HQ BF Cyprus; BR Watson - to RAF Hereford.