Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadier: A. Gehagg to HQ UKSC (FWD).

Colonels: JRW Graves - to MOD; N. Munro - to MOD; MJ Ridlington - to MOD; JEF Kirby - to Royal Sch of Sigs; R. Maxwell - to HQ Wales and WDIST.

Lieutenant-Colonels: JGW Andrews RAChD - to RAChD Trg Cen & Dept; JT Billson AGC(SPS) - to AGC(1) Comp Cen; PM Campbell QRL - to CATC; DL Connon GORDONS - to be CO 2/51 Highland; RG Owen REME - to be Comd HQ REME TA; JA Pinel RE - to MOD; JM Wells RAMC - to RAM Coll.

Retirements: Col HG Heap Late RAOC; Col AJ Swan Late RCT; Col WM Robinson Late RAMC.


Air Commodore: AJM McKeon - to HQ BFC.

Group Captains: BP Dogget - to HQ 11 Gp; NC Heath - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: S. Gunner - to MOD AFD DAFSD; KD Corrans - to MOD FD; NK Gillingham - to RAF Halton; PA Reynolds - to SCEA Eltham; CR Parkhurst - to HQ 1 Gp; SV Gardiner - to Staff Coll Bracknell; SC Fuller - to MOD CVE.