Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Colonels: GB Bateman - to MOD; MK Goldschmidt - to HQ UKLF; JA Hodges - to HQ NORTHAG (SP)(BAE); MR Newby - to REME; CJ Pickup - to MOD; AT Brett - to be Comd 11 Eng Gp; DR Wilson - to MOD.

Lieutenant Colonels: G. Bradbury AGC(ETS) - to RCB; BM Burton AGC(ETS) - to be Comdt 2 Res Cen; JLP Esmonde - White AGC(ETS) - to MOD; CA Hewitt RAOC - to CO 1 Ord Bn; BK Martin PARA - to BMM SANG SAUDI ARABIA; KR Sinclair RE - to MOD; ME Wilcox RAOC - RJ Lawes AAC - to HQ AFCENT(STAFF).

Retirements: Col JA Barrie RA; KJAC Osman Late REME.


Air Commodore: DA Hurrell - to HQ 38 Gp; MD Smart - to MOD; AN Nicholson - to IAM Farnborough; REE Hart - to MOD; CJ Sharples - to RCDS; CR Spink - to RCDS; WG Gambold - to HQSTC; PJ Wilkinson - to DA & AA Moscow.

Group Captains: LA Doble - to MOD; WJ Taylor - to MOD; AW Levitt - to HQ RAFSC; RJ Cowring - to Joint Airmiss Section; PB Walker - to HQSTC; GE Stirrup - to RCDS; NA Buckland - to RCDS; MD Pledger - to RCDS; KD Filbey - to RCDS; P Liddell - to RCDS; AH Vaughan - to RCDS; SJ Barclay - to MOD; WR Brice - to HQ RAFSC; AM Wills - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: AJ Woods - to MOD AFD; HM Randall - to MOD AFD; SA Gracie - to RAF Hereford; IA McPhee - to RAF Waddington; P. Heaton - to RAF Leeming; DJ Stanley - to RAF Newton; N. Macleod - to HQ RAFSC; RK Littlejohn - to MOD RIAC; SW Chase - to RAF Bruggen; PJ Lewis - to BDS Washington; W. McNicoll - to 17 Sqn Bruggen; DM Paul - to ATOC Kalkar; EH Dunn - to HQ RAFSC; AP Waldron - to MODAFD/DAFSD; D. Roberts - to HQSTC; MA Gordon - to MOD D Air Off; MP Cocksedge - to RCDS; BDT Hay - MOD Harrogate; AD Waddell - to HQ 38 Gp.