Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Commander: DM Craig - Daedalus; HR Evans - MOD London; DM Forbes - CINNAVHOME; RW Hamilton - CINCNAVHOME; JR Ling - Sultan; DMH Lingard - SA Ankara; RJ Mansergh - Staff of FOSM Northwood.

Retirements: Capt JN McGrath; Commander JE Dykes; Commander C. O'Keeffe; Commander ER Robinson; Chaplain C. Jarman.


Brigadier: AAJR Cumming - to HQ UKLF.

Colonels: G. Kerr - to ORD BD; RI Talbot - to HQ DRAC; RA Field-Smith - to be Comd ETS HQ BAOR.

Lieutenant-Colonels: JS Clements RADC - to 11 Dent Gp; MJT Hewetson AAC - to RMCS; RMR Hunt RE - to MOD; JDM Ingram R SIGNALS - to MOD; SG Kirkham RRF - to RMAS; TJ Minter RRF - to be CO IRRF; RE Preedy RA - to MOD; R. Say AGC(SPS) - to MSAGC MRO; RP Russell PWRR - to be CO 5 PWRR.

Retirements: Col RS Halford late RADC; Lt-Col S. Yoganathan RAMC.


Wing Commanders: MP Westwood - to HQ 38 Gp; SJ Poyntz - to RAF Bramton; CD Smith - to RAF PMC; A. Jones - to RAF PMC; WJ McGrath - to HQSTC; WJ Bendyshe-Brown HQSTC; KD Shaw - to MOD AFD; GJ Goodman - to DRA Malvern.