Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commanders: MA Barge - Dryad; MA Bowker - MOD Bath; I. Edwards - Staff of CINCFLEET; KM Martin - MOD London; DJ Richardson - Nato; NCF Whales Haslar; P. Woodings - RNSLAM Portsmouth.

Surgeon Commanders (D): PG Edwards - RM Plymouth; MD Hocking - Drakel WR Lock - Nelson.

Retirements: Admiral Sir Michael Livesay; Capt JM Neville-Rolfe; Capt PF Wason; Commander GNT Harvey; Commander S. Smyth.


Maj-Gen SC Grant, to be Team Leader Command Structure Review.

Maj-Gen RP Craig, late RAMC to HQ UKLF.

Brigadier RWM McAfee, to be Director General Army Training in the rank of Major-General, in succession to Maj-Gen SC Grant.

Brigadier CJ Lewthwaite, late RAMC to RAM College.

Colonels: MW Foster - to be Comd HQ Wks Fce; PMR Hill - to MOD; DS Macfarlane - to HQ SDIST; M. Nugent - to HQ UKLF.

Lieutenant-Colonels: DSC Gamble RAMC to BMH Hong Kong; D. Ghosh RAMC to Royal Brunei Armed Forces; PB Williams RA - to RMCS; JJ Bethell REME - to MOD.

Retirements: Col ES Parry Late RAMC; Lt- Col DJ Bench RAMC.


Group Captain: MA Clegg - to HQ AAFSOUTH.

Wing Commanders: RC Manning - to IHMT; JA Johnston - to HQ STC; HR Corney - to RAF Marham; GMB Page - to RAF St Mawgan; R. Marston - to RAF Coltishall; A. Turner - to AUS(NATS) London; TJ Murray - to Shape; JM Leight - to Warfare Staff Poole.