Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commanders: CR English - MOD Gosport.

Chaplains: EDJ-B. Renfrey - Staff of FO Portsmouth.

Retirements: Capt AM Croxford; Capt RC Francis-Jones; Commander MFG Emary; Commander PAP Joyce; Commander DE Shepherd; Commander NJ Stone; Commander AP Sullivan; Surgeon Commander (D) AE Shepherd; Acting Commander NS Jones.


Maj-Gen DL Burden, to be Director General Logistic Support (Army).

Brigadier AH Boyle, to be Director General Command Control Communications and Information Systems (Army)/Signal Officer in Chief (Army) in the rank of Major General, in succession to Maj- Gen RFL Cook.

Brigadier: WE Shackell - to MOD.

Colonels: PD Gardner - to HQ the KINGS Div; JH Johnston L/RAMC to HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC. .

Lieutenant-Colonels: RJ Hooper RCT - to be CO 24 Tpt & Mov Regt; AW Merrick R SIGNALS - to MOD; GMS Shipley R SIGNALS - to RMCS; SG Vowles AGC(ALS) - to 4 Armd Div; BK Bayley RAMC to MSAGC MRO; MD Conroy RAMC to HQ Rheindahlen Gar; IM Fairley RAMC to BMH Rinteln; PJ Guy RAMC to QEMH; C. Hannon RAMC to HQ Trg Gp R SIGNALS; RLD Jones RAMC to 16 Fd Amb; DK MacIver RAMC to QEMH.

Retirements: Col AE Houlton Late RE; Col TB Owen Late RAOC; Col JI Pocock Late QDG; Col DC Watt Late RAOC; Col AI Booth L/RAMC; Lt-Col RW Myles RAMC; IM Strain RAMC.


Air Vice-Marshal J. Mackey, to be Director of Defence Dental Services, in succession to Maj-Gen PE Ashenhurst.

Gp Capt NR Irving, to be Aide- de-Camp to the Queen, in succession to Gp Capt GE Stirrup.

Wing Commanders: GA Clyde - to RAF Cranwell; GJ Pilgrim Morris - to MOD AFD; J. Pearce - to RAF Newton; GG Martin - to RAF PMC; BT Keatings - to HQRAFSC; RW Munday - To HQ AFNORTH RAFE; A. Spearpoint - TO RAF Locking; PM Gardiner - To HQ MATO Uxbridge; N. Brewerton to MOD AFD/D Def Pol; WL McKee - To HQ I of R Stanmore; P. York - To Northolt; AP Stephens - To HQ AF BALTAP; MB Hutchings - To COMAIRMED Naples; LJ Kiggell - To 2 FTS Shawbury; GL Margiotta - To OASC Biggin Hill; BA Horton - To HQSTC.