Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: J. Adams - BDLS Australia as Cdre; B. Leighton - Portsmouth.

Commanders: TH Boycott - MOD London; MF Prior - MOD London; AR Rymer - SA Bonn; RW Talma - Naples.


Colonels: Lt-Col CGH Dunlop to be Loc Col and to RCDS.

Majors: I. McNeill to Dept of CGRM and to be Act Lt Col; JVV Parker to 40 Cdo RM.


Brigadier: CL Elliott - to Staff Coll.

Colonels: CS Sibun - to HQ AFSOUTH(BAE); MJ Ridlington - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AS Abdul-Aziz RAMC to BMH Iserlohn & 31 Gen Hosp; PH Blundell RE - to be Comdt The Queen's Gurkha Engrs; JH Clough RCT - to be Comd Tpt and Mov HQ BFHK; LSMR Cox RADC to HQ & Technical Svcs BAOR; P. Davies RRW - to be CO 1RRW; CWG Dobbie KOSB - to MOD; MRM Eliot QDG - to be CO QDG; AJ Faith RA - to be CO 4 Fd Regt; SJA Flanagan KING'S OWN BORDER - to be CO 4 King's Own Border; DA Gaw RADC to HQ & Central Group RADC; DP Hughes R SIGNALS - to MOD; JC McColl R ANGLIAN - to be CO 2 R Anglian; DJ McLean R SIGNALS - to SANGCOM; ACL Potter PWO - to be Comdt Inf Trials and Dev Unit; JDK Russell QUEENS - to MOD; MJ Rust RCT - to be Comd Tpt and Mov HQ Scotland/ 1AFHQ.

Retirements: Brigadier WR Mundell: Col AF Carter Late R Signals; Col MH Dru-Drury Late LI; Col D. Hunt, Late R Signals; Col MS Louden Late R Signals; Col RF Stewart - Late RCT.


Air Commodore: NM Griffiths - to MOD.

Group Captains: AE Neal - to RAF KINLOSS; A. Buchan - to HQ RAFSC; CJ Blencowe - to MOD; I. Dorrett - to MOD; NR Irving - to RAF Marham; PO Sturley - to RAF Cottesmore; CJ Rowe - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: DG Morms - OASC Cranwell; DJ Hodge - to 2FTS Shawbury; MC Heath - to HQ 1 GP; RJ Stephens - to DLIS (RAF); GRC Collins - to DDSM 10 (RAF); KE Skinner - to MOD (PE) Riyadh; RJ Cartwright - to HQ UK Air; H. Northey - to MOD D Pers; PDR Jolly - to Nato Staff Northwood; PN Halfter - to HQ STC; PEC Barlow - to RAF St Mawgan.