Appointments: University appointments

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Chair in French: Professor J. Forbes; Chairs in Law: Professor R. Bailey-Harris; Mr KM Stanton; Chair in Primary Health Care: Dr DJ Sharp; Visiting Industrial Professor: Dr PEJ Flewitt.


CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE: Visiting Fellows: Professor PP Castaneda; Professor E. Hunter; Professor MM Mantei; Mr AL Morris; Professor H. Petersmann; Professor TM Robinson; Professor JL Taitz; Professor SD Tremaine.


Titular Professors: Dr Roger Stephenson; Dr John AF Thomson; Dr Denis F. Kinane; Dr Anthony P. Payne; Dr Kenneth EL McColl; Dr Allan M. Findlay; Dr Roger D. Scott; Dr Felicity A. Huntingford; Dr John M. Arnold; Dr Margaret A. Crowther; Dr Robert Miles; Visiting Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering: Dr RM McKinlay; Visiting Professor in the Department of Social and Economic Research: Dr Christine Whitehead; Mr Peter Wood; Professor Stuart Gulliver; Professor Gavin McCrone.

Leeds Metropolitan

Personal Chairs: Dr John Collings; Bob Deacon; Eamonn Judge; Dr Sheila Scraton; Leslie Wagner.


QUEEN MARY AND WESTFIELD COLLEGE: Fellows: Professor E. Alan Bevan; Mrs June Bridgeman; Professor John Chalker; Miss Wendy Taylor; Mr Alan Lee Williams.

ROYAL HOLLOWAY: Reader in English Language: Ms Katie Wales; Reader in Isotope Geology: Dr David Mattey; Reader in Development Geography: Dr David Simon.


NUFFIELD COLLEGE: Norman Chester Senior Research Fellows: Colin Campbell; Christopher Hood.