Appointments: University appointments

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Chairman of University Council: Mr JJ Thring; Reader in Chemical Engineering: Dr ST Kolaczkowski; Reader in Social Sciences: Mr R. Bowles; Professor of Probability: Professor LCG Rogers.


Registrar: Mr JHM Parry; Chair in Economics: Dr I. Jewitt; Chair in Experimental Oncology: Dr Christos Paraskeva; Chair in Zoology: Professor Richard Tinsley; Chair in Palliative Medicine: Professor Geoffrey Hanks; Chair in Psychology: Professor Andrew Smith; Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery: Professor ID Learmonth; Chair in Manufacturing Engineering: Mr K. Khodabandehloo; Chair in Anatomy: Dr BJ Everitt; Chair in Italian: Dr J. Bryce.


FITZWILLIAM COLLEGE: Fellow: Mr Christopher Lucan McRitchie Pratt.


Nuffield Chair in Community Care Studies: Dr Alison Petch; Chair of Orthodontics: Dr W. John S. Kerr.


Chair of Medical Genetics: Christine Godsen; Baines Chair of English Language: Michael Hoey; Chair of Common Law: Professor Christina Lyon; Chair of Health and Community Care: Margaret Pearson.


Professor of Archaeology: Dr Eva Margareta Steinby.

EXETER COLLEGE: Rector: Professor Marilyn Butler.

GREEN COLLEGE: Director, Reuter Foundation Programme: Mr Godfrey Hodgson.

LINACRE COLLEGE: Honorary Fellows: Professor Roy M. Anderson; Sir Christopher Harding; The Right Rev David Hope; Professor Paul M. Nurse; Mr Gad Rausing; Professor David K. Scott. Professorial Fellows: DAP Bundy; RJ Jacoby.

NUFFIELD COLLEGE: Warden: Professor Anthony Barnes Atkinson; Faculty Fellowship: Yuen Foong Khong; Visiting Fellowships: Cedric Scroggs; David Bradley.

PEMBROKE COLLEGE: Master: Mr Robert Stevens.

ST ANTONY'S COLLEGE: Election to Governing Body Fellowships: Mr Cyril Chih-Ren Lin; Mr David Anthony Washbrook.

ST PETER'S COLLEGE: Fellowship in Mathematics: Dr Lionel Jeremy Mason; Honorary Fellowship: Kenneth Charles Loach; Democracy 2000 Fellowship in Aegean Studies: Dr Irene Lemos.


UNIVERSITY OF WALES COLLEGE OF MEDICINE: Provost: Professor Ian Cameron; Reader in Conservative Dentistry: Mr PH Jacobsen.

UNIVERSITY OF WALES, SWANSEA: Principal: Professor Robin Williams; Personal Chair, Department of Classics and Ancient History: Dr Stephen Mitchell.