ASAP Yams dead: Hip-hop impresario did not die from a drug overdose says ASAP Mob member in tribute video

Video shows A$AP Ferg paying tribute to A$AP Yams at concert on Sunday

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A$AP Yams, the hip-hop impresario behind A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and the A$AP Mob, died over the weekend, prompting many in the hip-hop community to pay tribute on social media. He was 26.

Few details are available regarding the circumstances of A$AP Yams’ — real name Steven Rodriguez — passing, but his record label has confirmed his death. Mr Rodriguez was co-owner of the A$AP Worldwide record label and one of the founders of the A$AP Mob, the hip-hop crew that came to prominence over the last few years and known for their wild antics at concerts.

“As one of the creative forces behind ASAP Worldwide, Yams’ vision, humor and dedication to the members of ASAP Mob will always be remembered,” a statement from RCA Records said. RCA is the parent company to A$AP Worldwide, according to the RCA site.

In a video posted to Youtube on Monday, A$AP Ferg held a moment of silence for Mr Rodriguez before saying, “Rest in peace, A$AP Yams,” and then performing the song “Dump Dump.” Warning, the video below contains explicit language.

Mr Rodriguez told the New York Times that he had struggled with substance abuse and said that in 2013 he choked on his own vomit at the Coachella music festival, while on Xanax and codeine cough syrup. Rumors on the Internet claiming that Mr Rodriguez died from a drug overdose have not been confirmed.

A$AP Ant appeared on Vlad TV, a hip-hop website, saying that Mr Rodriguez did not die from a drug overdose. The video is below and A$AP Ant addresses the overdose rumours at about 3:30 in the video. It also contains explicit language.