Australian presenter Samantha Armytage questions whether paparazzi report was 'trying to bully me into an eating disorder'

The Sunrise host criticised an Australian report which ran a series of unflattering pictures of her

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Samantha Armytage has questioned whether or not an Australian tabloid newspaper was “trying to bully” her “into an eating disorder”, after it ran a series of old, unflattering pictures of her.

The Daily Telegraph published a story by gossip columnist Annette Sharp, which looked at her off-screen style. It also alleged that the makeover that Armytage presents, Bringing Sexy Back, is due to be cut due to poor ratings.

The piece featured numerous images of the presenter taken years ago in unflattering outfits, “when the television cameras aren’t rolling and the stylists aren’t styling”.

Talking on Channel 5’s Sunrise, Armytage described the article as “cowardly and mean”.

“I have never said I am a model, I have never pretended I was skinny,” she said. “I do the best I can with what I’ve got and I work really hard at it because I have to.

“I’m sure a lot of women out there will agree with that because a lot of women probably have the same shape as me,” she continued. “I don’t understand this shaming. I don’t know whether it’s trying to bully me into an eating disorder. It’s cowardly and mean.

“I understand that there is interest in my life, even when I’m not on duty. I don’t understand why newspapers need to dredge up old pictures that have absolutely no news value on such a big news day.”

She also voiced her concerns on Twitter.

Writer Sharp responded, calling Armytage “hysterical” and arguing that the pictures are “honest”.

The Australian has since reported that the Telegraph deliberately sought out pictures where Armytage looked “scruffy” and “not sexy”, after having allegedly obtained an email sent from the publication’s picture desk to photographic agencies.

“Looking for sam armytage looking scruffy/too casual/not sexy/bad for asap please — OK to go back and send older pics — dates on them would be good,” the email allegedly reads.

The Daily Telegraph is yet to respond to The Independent's request for comment.