Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott mocked for tweeting picture of himself on the phone

Tony Abbott received an update on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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Like much of the rest of the world, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is anxious to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370.

So when he received an important phone call about the missing aeroplane on Wednesday, he thought that he ought to let the public know.

Abbott tweeted a rather grave-faced picture of himself taking the call, with the caption: “Just got an update on the search for #MH370 from JACC Chief Coordinator Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston.”

But the Aussie PM had clearly failed to learn from the mistakes of his British counterparts, as a series of parody images soon popped up across the social media site.

Perhaps because Abbot failed to disclose details of the call, Twitter users appeared more befuddled than serious in their imitation pictures.

And it wasn't only humans joining in the fun - some mischievous pooches got involved too...

Last month UK Prime Minister David Cameron was mocked after he tweeted an image of himself on the phone with US President Barack Obama to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Cameron accompanied his stern expression with the words: “I've been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia's actions.”

Among those to ridicule the post were Sir Patrick Stewart and Rob Delaney, who “dialled in” with a packet of wet wipes and a tube of toothpaste respectively.