Barack Obama wishes Joe Biden a happy birthday: 'The best VP and friend I could have had'

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Joe Biden has become one of the unlikely stars of Donald Trump’s seismic victory. The Vice President of the US has been pictured alongside Barack Obama in incalculable memes hypothetically speculating about how the double act are dealing with the Republican's surprise win.

In what could be perceived as a nod to the frenzy of memes floating around the world wide web, President Obama has now shared a birthday message to Mr Biden with an image of the pair with their arms draped around each other.

Throughout their eight years working together, their friendship - or to be more accurate their “brotus” - has been frequently on display. From indulging in a spot of golf on the White House lawn to toasting a glass of champers to giving each other a hug to high-fiving, many of their moments together look like a scene straight from a buddy film.

“Happy birthday, Joe! The best @VP and friend I could have had alongside me these past eight years,” Mr Obama wrote to his right-hand man on Twitter.

This is not the first time the pair have broadcast their friendship to the world. In the summer, Mr Biden took to Twitter to wish the President a happy birthday. The message included a photo of friendship bracelets with their names on and one even included a pizza slice charm.

Most of the memes doing the rounds include Biden scheming practical jokes to make on Mr Trump and the President trying to hold him back. 

In one, Mr Obama has his head in his hands and is captioned as saying: “Did you replace all the toiletries with travel sized bottles”, while Mr Biden replies: “He’s got tiny hands Barack, I want him to feel welcome here”.

In the memes, Mr Biden is often characterised as a juvenile boy who is unable to play pretend that the victory of the billionaire property tycoon is anything but ridiculous to him. Instead, he relishes in plotting gestures in a bid to poke some fun and bring some light to the situation. In turn, the silliness of the memes has been able to embody the surreal but humorous futility of the political situation for those who did not want Mr Trump to win.