Barack Obama's fashion faux-pas at State of the Union address

The President of the United States experiences that awkward moment when you're wearing the same outfit as, well, every other man in the room

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Barack Obama's wife Michelle may have been criticised for dressing like a character on The Good Wife, but the President's outfit hardly stood out.

It's not easy being a woman in the spotlight, as everybody saw when the news about lawyer Michelle Obama's jacket was splashed across Twitter.

michelle obama good wife.jpg
The First Lady was criticised online for wearing the same jacket as a TV character

But Mrs Obama wasn't the only one emulating pop culture chatacters. While she was being slated for wearing the same suit as Alicia Florrick, the first lady on political TV drama The Good Wife, the President and his chums were all wearing similar dark suits and ties in an apparent homage to Reservoir Dogs.

obama state of union address rex_1.jpg
Barack's wife was criticised for what she wore to the State of Union address

President Obama, Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel and Attorney General Eric Holder looked smart in their classic ensembles, as they emulated the classic Quentin Tarantino heist flick.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

President Obama also gave a speech, which was overlooked while pundits squabbled over whether he'd come as Mr Pink or Mr Blue.