Bear Grylls wins new fans after crashing through This Morning windows in dramatic style

The TV survival expert burst in on Ruth and Eamonn

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Bear Grylls smashed through the studio windows of ITV's flagship daytime programme This Morning on Friday.

Trailed by journalists, Grylls began his epic adventure to the sofa of the cosy daytime programme by travelling up the Thames in a motor boat, then scaling the building and swinging through the window on a rope.

The daring adventurer then kicked over a couple of vases of flowers.

While the stunt looked dangerous, Grylls said it made him "chuckle" - and it won him some fans.

However, you just can't please everybody:

Grylls has form for making dramatic entrances. He abseiled in to a New York premiere of one of his series in New York in 2009.