Belinda Carlisle stops her menopausal flushes with mysterious miracle magnet

The singer admits she was “sceptical” about the disc, which ended her disruptive hot flushes

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Belinda Carlisle's menopausal flushes have been eradicated by a mysterious magnet given to her by her doctor, the singer has claimed.

The 10-pence-sized disc had to be attached to her underwear and worn night and day. Harley Street doctor Nyjon Eccles – who treated the "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" singer – believes that the product relieves an over-reaction in the sympathetic nervous system, which influences anxiety and sweating.

Carlisle was “very sceptical” about the magnet, but it stopped her flushes, she said.

“Within 48 hours, I went from having 30 to 40 hot flushes to having none at all. I felt like the old Belinda again — in fact better than that,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Before I started getting the menopausal symptoms, I had suffered with really bad PMS: really bad depression and I had no energy.”

“It would happen each month and I was on Prozac on and off over the years. Suddenly, I was free of all of it.”

Carlisle starting going through the menopause in her late Forties and began suffering from hot flushes that began negatively impacting her life.

“I began with night sweats and agitation. I felt out of sorts - I was always a bit warm in the day, too, and I also felt as if my engine was running too high and I felt really, really tired,’ says Carlisle.

“My sleep was affected, so I never felt rested. I could deal with all that — but then the daytime hot flushes began and that was just awful.

“I would feel pressure building in my head and the flush would start.

“I was getting around 40 flushes a day. I would sweat so badly it would be visible on me and I had to get into the habit of taking a change of clothes with me because my blouse and jeans would be wet through.”

The magnet manufacturer LadyCare says that that when more than 500 women tried it, 50 to 70 per cent reported reduced irritability and improved sleep, and more than a third said they had fewer hot flushes after a month of wearing the magnet day and night.

Other alternatives to help combat negative side effects of menopause include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which Carlisle didn’t want to try.

“I have heard about this magnet, but the studies done on it have only lasted three months and it is possible there was a strong placebo effect,” said Dr Eccles.

“There is a seemingly low risk of adverse effects from using this, but it’s not going to protect your bones as HRT can."