Bill Nighy fondly thinks about dying '12 times a day'

The British actor is seemingly obsessed with the big black nothing

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Bill Nighy has a somewhat relaxed attitude towards his own mortality.

So much so, he thinks fondly of death. At least “12 times a day”.

“I'm hoping not to retire,” he told The Observer.

“What do we hope for? Go to bed and don't wake up, I suppose.

“I probably think about death 12 times a day. I measure my life in Champions Leagues. How many do I have left?”

Until then, however, he’s happy to take life at a leisurely stroll.

“As you get older you feel you need to pay more attention to what is around you and relish it. I'm greedy for beauty.”


His perfect day, he said, would be simply “wandering about London on [his] own”.

“I built my life around not being in a hurry.”

He went on to admit he expects fans are often disappointed when they encounter him face-to-face.

“I always assume when I meet people in the street that they are going to be basically disappointed,” he said. “But there's... no conflict. There's no conflict between the private me and the public me.”

Nighy will next be seen in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is released on 27 February in the UK.