Bill Turnbull leaves BBC: Remembering the time presenter dropped C-word live on air

The popular presenter is leaving the programme after 15 years

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Bill Turnbull has announced his departure from the BBC Breakfast sofas after 15 years on screen to spend more time beekeeping, a hobby he feels he has neglected “for far too long”.

The popular presenter's decision to leave has been met with an outpouring of tributes from his colleagues and viewers, who said how much they would miss his presence on the show.

His announcement also comes just over a month after he had viewers spluttering into their coffees by accidentally saying the word “c**t” live on air. 

Turnbull fluffed his lines while reading an email from a viewer, which should have read: “I regularly speak to clients about illness and pass the knowledge onto other clients as well.”

Instead, the Eton College educated presenter said “c**ts as opposed to “clients”. 

The error was picked up by viewers across the country and Turnbull’s segment quickly went viral. 

Turnbull, however, handled the whole incident like a pro and continued to present the programme without even break a sweat.

A BBC spokesperson said at the time: “Bill unintentionally stumbled over his words and we apologise if any offence was caused.”