Bill Turnbull drops c-bomb on live TV – and deals with it like a pro

Bill Turnbull made the gaffe on live TV

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The BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull had viewers spitting out their cornflakes this morning after swearing live on air.

Turnbull made the gaffe whilst reading out an email from a viewer, which was meant to read “He was meant to say: ‘I regularly speak to clients about illness and pass the knowledge onto other clients as well.”

Instead the 59-year-old TV personality, who was educated at Eton College, fluffed his lines, accidently saying that he regularly passes knowledge onto other ‘c***s’ as well.

After realising his error, Turnbull managed to recover from his early morning swearing, but not before the internet could record it for posterity.

A BBC spokesperson said: “Bill unintentionally stumbled over his words and we apologise if any offence was caused.”

It's not the first time a BBC presenter has used the word during a live broadcast. In December 2010, Today presenter James Naughtie employed the spoonerism when talking about Jeremy Hunt.