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Mr William Baillie, President, Royal Scottish Academy, 71; The Most Rev Luigi Barbarito, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, 72; Miss Sue Barker, tennis player, 38; Mr Algy Cluff, chairman, Cluff Resources, 54; Mr Glyn England, chairman, Windcluster Ltd, 73; Sir Cyril English, educationist, 81; Mr Trevor Francis, footballer, 40; Dr Norman Godman MP, 56; Sir Denis Henry, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 63; Dr John Horlock, former Vice-Chancellor, Open University, 66; Mrs Margo MacDonald, broadcaster, 50; Mr Dudley Moore, actor, 59; Mr Garfield Morgan, actor, 63; Mr Hugh O'Brian, actor, 69; Mr Jonathan Owen Jones MP, 40; Mr Murray Perahia, pianist, 47; Mr Alan Price, singer, 52; Sir John Roch, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 60; M Michel Roux, chef, 53; Mr Peter Scott QC, 59; Mr Wilf Stevenson, Director, British Film Institute, 47; Mr Michael Trend MP, 42; Mr John Watts MP, 47; Mr Andrew Welsh MP, 50; Professor Andrew Wilkinson, paediatrician, 80.