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Mr Frank Auerbach, painter, 63; Mr Jonah Barrington, squash player, 53; Miss Ann Bell, actress, 54; Mr Edward Blishen, author, 73; Baroness Chalker of Wallasey, Minister for Overseas Development, 52; Rear-Admiral Robert Currie, 89; Mr Daniel Day-Lewis, actor, 37; Baroness Dean of Thornton- le-Fylde, chairman, Independent Committee for Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services, 51; Mrs Ruth Deech, Principal, St Anne's College, Oxford, 51; General Sir Peter de la Billiere, 60; Miss Anita Dobson, actress, 45; Mr Lonnie Donegan, skiffle musician, 63; Judge Israel Finestein QC, President, Board of Deputies of British Jews, 73; Mr Deryck Guyler, actor and comedian, 80; Sir Patrick Hamill, former Chief Constable, Strathclyde, 64; Miss Celeste Holm, actress, 75; Mr Saddam Hussein al- Takriti, President and Prime Minister of Iraq, 57; Mlle Zizi Jeanmaire, dancer, 70; Professor David Johns, Vice-Chancellor, Bradford University, 63; Miss Cheryl Kennedy, actress, 47; Mr Timothy Kirkhope MP, an Assistant Whip, 49; Sir Anthony Laughton, oceanographer, 67; Mr Rod McKuen, composer and poet, 61; Mr Zubin Mehta, conductor, 58; Mr Johnny Miller, golfer, 47; Sir Fraser Noble, former Vice-Chancellor, Aberdeen University, 76; Lt-Gen Sir Patrick Palmer, Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle, 61; Lord Rothschild, financier, 58; Mr Harold Shapero, composer, 74; Mr Jeremy Thorpe, former Leader of the Liberal Party, 65; Mr David Tindle, painter, 62; Mr Alfred Valentine, former West Indies cricketer, 64; Mr Richard Warwick, actor, 49; Mr Nigel Williams, ambassador to the United Nations, 57; Professor Heinz Wolff, bio-engineer, 66; Sir Peter Youens, former colonial administrator, 78; Mr Fred Zinnemann, film director, 87.