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King Harald V of Norway, 57; Mr Humphry Berkeley, writer and former MP, 68; Sir John Bourn, Comptroller and Auditor General, 60; Professor Ruth Bowden, anatomist, 79; Mr Simon Coombs MP, 47; Miss Jilly Cooper, author and journalist, 57; M Hubert de Givenchy, fashion designer, 67; Sir Colville Deverell, former overseas governor, 87; Mr Leslie Durbin, silversmith, 81; Dame Janet Fookes MP, 58; Sir John Goulden, ambassador to Turkey, 53; Mr Carron Greig, former Chairman, Horace Clarkson Plc, 69; Sir Michael Grylls MP, 60; Sir Conrad Heron, former senior civil servant, 78; Sir Reginald Hibbert, former ambassador to France, 72; Sir John McGregor Hill, company chairman, 73; Lord Hunter, a former Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland, 81; Mr Arthur Lewis, former MP, 77; Dr Oonagh McDonald, former MP, 56; Mr Peter McEnery, actor, 54; Mr Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, 70; Professor Sir Rupert Myers, scientist, 73; General Sir Robert Pascoe, former Adjutant- General, 62; Sir Ashley Ponsonby Bt, Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, 73; Mlle Madeleine Renaud, actress, 94; Lt-Gen Sir John Richards, former marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, 67; Professor Frederick Rimmer, Emeritus Professor of Music, Glasgow University, 80; Miss Nina Simone, singer, 60; Mr Richard Turner-Warwick, surgeon and urologist, 69; Mr Leslie Wagner, principal and chief executive, Leeds Metropolitan University, 51; Mr David Wood, actor and playwright, 50.