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Miss Maxene Andrews, singer (of the Andrews Sisters), 76; Brigadier Sir John Anstey, former President, National Savings Committee, 87; Mr David Atherton, Music Director, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, 50; Mr John Bamborough, former Principal, Linacre College, Oxford, 73; Mr Michael Barratt, television presenter, 66; Mr Victor Borge, musician and comedian, 85; Sir Robin Butler, Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service, 56; Professor Sir Bryan Carsberg, Director General of Fair Trading, 55; Lord Colyton, former government minister, 92; Mr Fran Cotton, former rugby international, 46; Mr Robert Flemyng, actor, 81; Sir Alastair Forbes, judge, 86; Mr Mel Gibson, actor, 38; Mr Richard Hanbury-Tenison, Lord- Lieutenant of Gwent, 69; Sir Roy Harding, educationist, 70; Mr Robert Hughes MP, 61; Mr John Paul Jones, rock musician and producer, 48; Vice-Admiral Sir Michael Layard, 58; Miss Anya Linden, former ballerina, 61; Mr Eric Martlew MP, 45; Sir Carol Mather, former MP, 75; Mr Siegmund Nissel, former member of the Amadeus Quartet, 72; Sir John Riddell, former royal equerry, 60; Miss Eirlys Roberts, former deputy director, Consumers' Association, 83; Mr Robert Steedman, architect, 65; Mr Matthew Taylor MP, 31; Mr John Thaw, actor, 52; Mr David Vine, BBC sports commentator, 58; Professor Thomas Willan, economic historian, 84.