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Mr Desi Arnaz Jnr, actor, 41; Miss Nina Bawden, novelist, 69; Sir Alfred Beit, former MP, 91; Mr Dewey Bunnell, rock singer and guitarist, 43; The Earl of Carnarvon, honorary racing manager to the Queen, 70; Sir Jonathan Clarke, circuit judge, 64; Mr Michael Crawford, actor and singer, 52; Mr Bernard Dunstan, painter, 74; Mr Stefan Edberg, tennis player, 28; Mr Rod Evans, rock singer, 49; Mr Phil Everly, rock singer, 55; Lord Glentoran, former Lord-Lieutenant, Belfast, 82; Mr Walter Goldsmith, chairman, Betterware, 56; Mr William Hayden, chairman and chief executive, Jaguar, 65; Miss Patricia Highsmith, writer, 73; Mr Hans Hotter, bass baritone, 85; Sir Alex Jarratt, former chairman, Smiths Industries, 70; Mr Richard Lester, film director, 62; Brigadier Helen Meechie, former director of the WRAC, 56; Mr David Newbigging, chairman, Rentokil, 60; Mr Nigel Nicolson, writer and former MP, 77; Mr Robert Palmer, rock singer and guitarist, 45; Miss Dolly Parton, country music singer, 48; Senor Javier Perez de Cuellar, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, 74; Mr Bryan Pringle, actor, 59; Mr Simon Rattle, orchestral conductor, 39; Miss Patsy Rowlands, actress, 54; Mr Charles Smith, managing director, Chevron UK, 64; Sir John Stanley MP, 52; Mr Dennis Taylor, snooker player, 45; Mr David Tredennick MP, 44; The Earl of Wemyss and March, former President, National Trust for Scotland, 82.